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Juju is African’s Biggest Form of Scam and a Hoax

Juju is African’s Biggest Form of Scam and a Hoax

Juju is African’s Biggest Form of Scam and a Hoax , Juju or ju-ju is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells used in religious practice in West Africa especially the people of Nigeria and Cameroon. The term has been applied to traditional African religions.

A Nigerian social media user as took to social media to air his opinion on this issue and it goes thus

If Juju (charm) is real and and gives people the alleged powers and ability people claim they get from them then Nigeria will be exporting these juju powers to the rest of the world and making billions of dollars from the following juju products:
Òlùgbòhùn (Voice jammer)
Òyèètà (unseen bullet deflector/bullet proof juju)
Òkìgbè (anti-bullet/shrapnel)
Àta mòtàsè (precision munition that can hit targets kilometers away)
Ìfùnpà (Treated arm band that can protect you from knife cuts)
Ìgbàdi (treated waist band that can make you disappear when under attack)
Àfòsè (robotic command signals that will make your enemies do what ever you tell them to do)
Àgàdàgòdò (spiritual padlock, that will immobilize your enemies)
Ègbè (teletransporter that will make you teleport when under attack)
Kànàkò (spiritual Google maps)
Òfà (Treated poisoned arrow)
Àtà ( spiritual hand grenade that can be thrown at enemy camps)
Ìbòn Sàkàbùlà ( locally sourced Rifle with accuracy that can hit your enemies that are kilomoters away)

Juju is African’s Biggest Form of Scam and a Hoax

It’s 2021, unfortunately some self-acclaimed educated people still believe in this nonsense called “juju”. If these things are real and NOT a HOAX we will use them to solve so many of our problems, we will use them to destroy Boko Haram. Herdsmen will NOT be disturbing people in the South West and other parts of the country. We would have used these juju to tackle and solve our security problems. We will export them the way others expect the products of their science and technology.
But all these things are useless and fictional. They don’t work in reality. They couldn’t even protect our ancestors from the European/Arab invaders that came and enslaved and colonized them for hundreds of years. We cant use them to solve any of our problems at all.
Juju is a HOAX. . .Its all superstitious nonsense. . .  Bala Bala Dihis
Let hear your own opinion on this in the comment box
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