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Live While You Still Can

Live While You Still Can

Live While You Still Can For the first time, this morning, I had to read about writer’s block.
I had a picture of what it meant in my head, but I never really thought about it, until recently when tragedy struck and my productivity level went low.

Each time I came up with something, it sounded stupid and irrelevant and I would ask myself, to what end am I writing this?
So I went on google and read about it extensively, and I realized it’s what I was suffering from and it is because of everything that has been happening.
It feels like I have to prepare my mind for everything tragic, bad and evil.
I like to write inspirational stories, a bit of humour and lifestyle.
As much as it is true that what will be, will be, I hate tragic stories, I hate to conceive them in my mind, but I don’t see how that has curtailed or ended tragedy.
This brings me to this point.
Everyone is going to die.

Live While You Still Can

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One day, everything you have struggled to get, build, invest in, will be left behind.
You know it’s fun to pay tribute to people and build statues in their honour, especially when it’s not you who died.
We only know what it feels like to be alive, not what it feels like to be dead.
And there are just about a million ways through which death strikes.
Death is no respecter of class, time or place.
There is no mock death, where you can prepare for the real death.
It could come on your birthday, during the celebration, like that young man who allegedly ate a poisoned cake.
Or that girl who was allegedly poisoned because she was gifted an iPhone on her birthday.
People die in their sleep on their wedding day.
What audacity does death have to strike on the days when someone is supposed to be celebrating? It is like they say, God knows best.
So while you are here, break a leg.
Get that money.
Love truly.
Have fun.
Wear your special clothes every day, don’t just keep them for special days.
Eat your favourite meal.
Go on an adventure, have picnics and climb mountains if you please.



Live While You Still Can
Being Nigerian tends to bring death closer to you.
Unknown gunmen.
Boko Haram.
Armed robbers.
Trigger happy accidental bullet dischargers.
You would say these things happen everywhere.


Live While You Still Can

Well, wait till you are asked to produce a doctors report before you are being treated for a gunshot wound.
Wait till you go job hunting and someone, rapes and murders you, then goes on TV to talk about reverse psychology after he has been lectured for a week on how to talk boldly and with pride.
Have a seizure and get to the hospital and find out doctors are on strike or that there is no power supply.
When robbers or kidnappers come, call the cops and hear them tell you they don’t have fuel in their vehicle.
I can go on and on.
As you go out today, remember, you are your first security.
You are the chief security officer of your life here on earth.
You are your priority.
So be very careful out there.
People are crazy out there.
It feels like Lucifer just landed.
You too, can grow old and die in your sleep, peacefully.
Yes, you can.

Live While You Still Can
I know one can never be too careful.
“But if you Aspire to acquire the desire that you admire. And in the process you perspire, don’t retire but refire to acquire that desire that you admire.”
A while ago, that was all the motivation we needed.
Our minds were bombarded with this quote and the likes.
If you believed or believe in that quote , you should believe that you too can achieve long life.
Don’t spend time thinking about the likelihood of you failing or drowning in the frenzy that comes with being Human.
live while you can.

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Credits: Richard Stephen



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