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Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship is a kind of relationship between a man and a woman who lives in different geographical locations like country, state, town or village.

This sets of people mainly interact through internet, Letters, calls etc. How is your relationship? Is it long distance? if yes! are you getting the compassion and love you deserve in the relationship? if not at all, then what’s hindering it? you think its because of  the long distance?

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Now let me tell you something, long distance relationship is not a barrier to “love” you can love and care for somebody in as much as he or she stays far away. What matters in a relationship is “understanding” distance doesn’t matter because love is from the “heart “ as long as the person is present in your mind.

I’m going list somethings to you need to build up your long distance relationship. Carefully read below, all you need to have a perfect long distance relationship includes
(1) Trust
(2) Patience
(3) Sincerity
(4) Good Internet connection.

You know in everything relationships, both long distance and short distance, “Trust” is important. you have to believe in your partner, trust him or her, don’t have any negative thoughts or suspects about him or her. Avoid any unnecessary investigations on your partner.

Again, in a relationship even in marriage, Patience is one of the strongest key that keep a healthy relationship or marriage. The two parties have to be tolerance, don’t be prompt to anger.
You need patience to study and understand each other. You know, you people are from different family maybe different beliefs also, so you people needs patience to get bond and adapt to each other’s behavior. Also have the mindset of been together one day.

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Take a look at this one “sincerity” are you being sincerity in your relationship? Are you aware that your relationship needs sincerity to be healthy? Sincerity is one of the cheapest thing needed in a relationship. Lack of sincerity in a relationship is also one of the strongest weapon that breaks relationships. Incase you don’t know, take note of it now.
In a relationship, both male and female have to be sincere towards each other. Avoid anything that will prone you to keep any sort of secrets from your partner. What ever negative secrets you are keeping from your partner, there’s a high probability of he or she finding out one day and that might lead to breaking of trust in your relationship.

Also, good network connection: this might sound funny; but, good network connection is needed in a long distance relationship. It is needed to keep your relationship connected on a daily bases.

Do you know that you are lucky to be in a long distance relationship? you might not know how lucky you are, but let me review it to you.


Long Distance Relationship


Some of the advantages of long distance relationships includes
(1) less pressure
(2) focus
(3) daily connection
(4) fast marriage planning
(5) no premarital meeting
(6) security

Long distance relationship is one of the nicest relationship ever; do you agree with me? In this kind of relationship you are tend to enjoy less pressure of the mind. That is , you will sincerely enjoy your freedom to the fullest. Your will be free from monitoring him or her on where he goes and whom he interacted with. Because sometimes, when you dislike some people and later see your partner interacting with them, you might feel heartbroken and start having pressure in your mind.

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In a long distance relationship one is entitled to enjoy freedom and be more focus on whatever he or she does for a living. You all know that “love is distraction” so imagine having your partner around you all the time, what do you think it will happened?
Of course, things you don’t plan for will start happening, loosing of focus will be present, jealousy will starts, from there hatred will come in and before you know it, the love will fade. So tell me, is long distance relationship not the best?

Daily connection: in this kind of relationship, there’s high tendency of receiving excess love and care from your partner. Even if you he or she don’t have data or airtime to contact his or her family members, she or he must find no matter how little to reach you.
So you can imagine that, that’s the power of long distance relationship. One can do what he or she don’t usually do just to show love and stay connected.

Fast marriage planning: the main reason of going into a relationship is “marriage “ when you are in a long distance relationship, you people will act fast to get married and start living together. Therefore, this kind of relationship is good for people because, it’s builds curiosity for fast marriage.

No premarital meeting: we all know that premarital meeting is a sin, but am not saying people involved in it are bad, is their choice. So, in a long distance relationship one is free from such act before wedding night. Absence of premarital meeting builds trusts and value in a relationship.

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Security: in a long distance relationship, your relationships is well secured from your enemies, one might have experience heartbreak or hurt by friends; that’s “a friend snatching your partner from you” you all know how painful it is. But, once your relationship is long distance, you will be from snatchers around you for eternity.

I hope you are enjoying reading this blog? Please take a deep breathe let’s continue. You know everything that has advantage also have disadvantage. In a long distance relationships, the disadvantage in it is very little.

Disadvantages of long distance relationships

The main disadvantage of long distance relationships are:
(1) Scam
(2) disappointment
(3) unfaithful habits

Scam: this is one of the disadvantage of long distance relationship, Scam is an act of using fault identity to get attraction and attention. Some people use someone’s attractive image to draw attention to get someone that will love them and spend on them.
This kind of people, once they are done extracting what they want for you, you will be block and have no trace of them because of their fake identity. Therefore one should be very careful of long distance relationship.

Disappointments: this deals with heartbreak, is the act of trusting someone very well and later find out that the person doesn’t worth it.

Unfaithful habits: this is a situation whereby partners lies to each other of not doing any negative things, but doing that for real. The person feels the relationship is long distance so, if I do it how will he or she know?

My advice, in a long distance relationship just be wise, loving, smart and sincere.


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