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Postal Codes for Nigerian States, Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the country into nine regions, which make up the first digit of the code. The second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits represent the delivery location. A delivery location can be any of the following; a post office facility, a rural area, or an urban area.

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has a chronological arrangement of the postal codes of various cities and regions in the country.

Unlike some countries where postal/zip codes usually carry some alphabets, Postal Codes for Nigerian States are represented using only 6 digits, irrespective of the region.

The NIPOST divides the country into 9 regions, and those regions determine the first digit of the 6 digit code; while the last 3 digits at the end of the code is determined by your local post office.

Unlike what most people think, Nigeria zip codes is well organized by the Nigerian Postal Service, the country is divided into nine regions, each region code makes up the first digit.

See below all the States of Nigeria, their Local Government Areas and  Zip Codes.

Postal Codes for Nigerian States


                              Postal Codes for Nigerian States

North Central

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North East

North West

South East

South South

South West

The country Nigeria does not have a single postal code but is streets, villages, towns, cities in Nigeria are divided into postal areas with their respective codes


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