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How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired

How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired.

With a year of social isolation under your belt, it’s tough to hold a conversation with your roommate, much less remember how to slide into a girl”s DM without getting aired. In theory, taking your chance from a distance should be easy. It’s just a message on social media, after all. But figuring out how, exactly, to do this the right way and reach out to a crush is still enough to make your head spin. However most of the time you can still end up getting aired by that your dream crush. How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired

We have set aside six simple tricks to help develop confidence, slide into her DM with pride and get that girl like a pro

  1. Intelligence and smartness:
    Guyyy, 90% of ladies like intelligent and smart guys. If you’re creative and have any special talent or skill, talking to her won’t be much of a nut to crack. She’d want to talk to you. It will just be like she has been expecting you to come around.
    Girls easily flow with intelligent guys not riff- raffs and mediocres that would come and be misplacing ‘I’m’ with ‘am’.
  2. Have a good profile:
    It’s also applicable to guys. Apart from your profile picture, another thing a girl looks out for when you chat her up for the first time is your bio. For those whose bio reads, “Add up, old account hacked, Johnny sins🌈, Fuvk haters, After the bag”.
    Calm down, no be only you dey hustle. Real hustlers don’t make noise, you know.
    You can take my bio for an example.
    If you don’t have a DP or you used cartoons as your DP, you might just chat and reply yourself in some girls DM. Put up a good picture of yourself on your DP. How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired
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How To Slide Into A Girl's DM Without Getting Aired

3. Don’t follow status quo.
What I mean here is not following the normal tradition of Hi and Hello…Some girls won’t take you serious if you come that way. If only you know the piles of unreplied hiis and hellos in her DM, you won’t go that way. Use a different method.
T.G: Hey Favour..A beautiful evening to you.(Guyy, just greet her first, don’t mind. She must reply you if you greet her. For her mind, you’re a gentleman)
Favour: Good evening…
T.G: My name’s TrustGod but you can call me T.G. I saw your beautiful smiling DP and I came around to know the beautiful soul behind that smile. Is that smile for me?
Favour: Blushes… Awwwwwnnn
T.G: Flatteries asides, you’re all shades of everything beautiful. Does this cute damsel mind being my friend?
…and they lived happily forever after.

How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired

4. Avoid asking unnecessary questions:
You just chatted a girl up for the first time and you’re already asking her if she’s a virgin.🙄 Wetin u wan use am do? She will just snub sense into your head.
“Have you eaten”
“Can we see”
“Can we meet”
“Are you on WhatsApp”
These and many others are questions that would piss off a random girl online in a first chat.
Get to know her wella first. She might even be the one to give you the number herself.
5. Sending nudes:
Some guys have so detoriated in sense that some of them will just get to a ladies inbox and the first thing they would ask is for a se.xchat. Some of them won’t even tell you anything sef.
You will just open your chat to see dropped picture(s) of their peanut d!cks, staring at your face.
You’ll just get ignored, insulted and blockedt.
6. Girls have taste too.
Try your best to not to bore them if you’re coming around the first time.
You can discuss business, educational or political stuffs with them.
You must not date or be in a relationship with every girl you meet here.
How To Slide Into A Girl’s DM Without Getting Aired.

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