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The Origin and Existence of God


I’m going to make this short( I’ll try )

The Origin and Existence of God, One of Christians or theists favorite argument for the existence of their God revolves around the existence of reality and the universe, they say the existence of the universe is proof of a creator or designer.

I mean there are multiple problems with that line of thought and multiple ways in which I can attack it .but that’s not what I wanna do now. Rather, I wanna treat God apart from the universe as an independently existing entity.

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Now they assume that The complexity of the universe requires an explanation or must have a reason for its existence, then it’s easy to contend that God must be more complex or perhaps even waay more complex than the universe to be able to create something like a universe, so my question is ,what is the origin of Gods complexity? You cannot say Gods complexity is self existing … because I would ask you why can’t the universe complexity be self existing?

They’d say human intelligence and consciousness requires explanation, I’ll ask them what is the explanation of Gods consciousness?? We know consciousness and intelligence in humans is generated by a brain … just like a software program is generated from hardware.

Where did he get that consciousness and Intelligence come from? Does He have a brain or something akin to a brain too? If he does then he cannot be the creator of his own brain because he would need to have brain to create a brain.

Doesn’t this consciousness require explanation? It definetly does. Where did he get his other characteristics from? His omnicience, omnipotence, omnibenevolence … this are characteristics that could not have existed .. but they do, so where did all this chatacteristics come from? Out of thin air?

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The Origin and Existence of God

Some would say God is eternal,so doesn’t need to be created. Well There are two definitions of eternal I know …

1. existing in all of time.
2. not existing in time at all. (Timeless)

Now It cannot be the first one since time is an inherent part of the universe.before the universe existed, there was no time , infact it’s meangiless to say “before the universe” because that statement alone assumes there was a time BEFORE time existed NONSENSE.


This means that God hasn’t existed in all of time,
but the universe has existed in all of time , in that since time is an inherent property of the universe then there was no NO TIME in which the universe didn’t exist.

Now how about the other definition? Well the other definition is meaningless. It posits existence WITHOUT time. It is a nonsensical assertion ? Believers use this term alot .. they really dont know what they are talking about .

i mean what does it mean for something to exist WITHOUT TIME? for time is the measure of events, no events can occur without the existence of time (before an event occurs and after it has occurred require a time difference) .

Saying something exist without time is saying that things cannot perform any action or event, frozen without the ability to cause anything ,doesn’t exist or the whole notion is absolutely nonsensical. Pick your choice .

They say the universe cannot come from nothing, that nothing can come out of nothing “ creation ex nihilo” and in thesame breathe say their God created the universe from noting with magic.

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Besides no scientists ever says that the universe comes from absolutely nothing … NONE.. you just don’t understand the Big Bang it’s actually believers that say that their God created the universe from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Think about that for a second … God brought something from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING here I mean , no time , no space , no matter , no energy … all of this things just came into existence from nothing .. the first law of the Thermodynamics in the mud

              The Origin and Existence of God

Anyways let’s go Back to this God. I remember one question I asked as a kid in Sunday school , where was God and what was he doing before he created anything at all .

What does it mean to say it exists at this point .. I mean there has to be a point in GODS existence where nothing existed except for himself, right ?

A point where he hadn’t created anything yet , no space , no time , no up , no down , no light , no matter , no angels , no demons , no heaven , no earth , no morals , no universe , no spiritual world , no darkness , nothing . Just God .

What was he doing all those while , where was he, without anything else in existence except himself? He has been existing forever without anything ? He juSt popped into existence from nothing in his complex glory ?

I can seriously imagine God thinking at that point , “I’m all powerful , I’m all knowing , eternal , but where did I come from?

Why do I exist instead of nothing at all? Well so God was so bored from pondering the puzzle of his own existence so he created something just to distract himself ? (even when he cannot really create anything without time ).

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Before we go too far … let us remember that nobody in human history has ever proven that this God exists in the first place … and only an idiot would point to the universe as evidence of a God that is said to exist outside of it.

The most reasonable and honest thing we could ever tell our self is to say we don’t know where the universe came from, at least we can SEE the universe.

We know it exists.
Cosmology tells us that energy already existed and the universe Expanded from an infinitely dense point called not that it came from nothing……

We don’t know why it exists, because assuming a being which we can’t detect and more complex than the universe as the cause for its existence does not solve any problem of existence at all .. it only multiplies it… especially when there isn’t any independent evidence that such entity exists in the first place.

I really have much more to say about this but I’m just going to say …
The idea of a Creator God that exist independent of the reality we can work with and observe and confirm is totally unfounded and extremely naive. Because saying something is beyond reality is saying something isnt real.

People even go as far as to say they have a personal relationship with it .. almost as if they don’t know what the hell they are talking about .A thinking mind should do much better. And find answers from the cosmos.

Credit to: Kel Vin

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