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Tips For Baking a Perfect Cookie

TIPS FOR BAKING A PERFECT COOKIE🍪🍪 Baking Cookies is easy but not that easy because you can easily mess it up. If this is the case, there wouldn’t be cases of too hard, too dark or too flat cookies. If you ever had this experience you might have make one or more of this mistakes.

Cookies should (almost) always be baked on the middle rack of the oven. The middle rack offers the most even heat and air circulation which helps cookies bake consistently.

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Tips For Baking a Perfect Cookie (oven temperature)

At what temperature should cookies be baked?

Can you open the oven when baking cookies?Even though it’s tempting, Cowan said, you should avoid checking on your cookies by opening the oven door. “Opening the oven door allows the heat to escape, which can affect how your cookies bake. If you want to check on your cookies while they bake, try to stick with using the oven light

  1. Flour Measurements Measuring the wrong flour is the greatest mistake you can make. To get the acquired measurement in grams get a digital scale because scooping your flour out of the of flour will give you extra flour and this will make your cookies dry and tough.

2. Over Working Your Dough Overworking can happen with all cookies dough, especially the rolled ones when you cut out with cutters. Flour contains gluten, a protein that gets tougher and harder the more you work on it. Rolling Cookies is fun especially for kids but too much of it is bad. Note that when mixing or rolling your dough make it little and gentle as you can. Tips For Baking a Perfect Cookie

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3. Mixing Your Dough Just Right. Under-mixing the dough can lead to unpleasant clumps of ingredients in your cookies, the same way Over-mixing can result in pockets of dry ingredients present in the final products. Stop mixing when the Dough looks uniform and pay more attention to the dey ingredients which can cause problem if under-mixed.

When mixing your dry ingredients after which all wet ingredients as been mixed, divide the dey ingredients into three part and slowly incorporate, mix the dough just until all flour has been fully mixed.

4. Bad Baking Powder and Baking Soda. Many amateur forget their is an expiring date on this ingredients and using the expired ones can make your cookies fall flat. This ingredients are agents that lead the chemical reaction of the baking process, when stale they are less potent and makes your cookies not to bake properly and too dense.


5. Choose Your Baking Sheets Right and Oven Temperature.If you are using a darker colored baking sheet it’s not bad but you have to adjust your baking time accordingly. Darker sheets makes your cookies bake faster all you need to do is to adjust your oven temperature and baking time. Baking temperature of 25 degrees when using dark sheets and four minutes timing. You can add few mins until it’s baked to your liking. Remember to line your baking sheets with parchment paper using butter to grease your sheets can cause the bottom of your cookies to burn. Tips For Baking a Perfect Cookie

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6, Chilling Your Dough Before Baking.Chilling your cookies dough before baking makes it to rest and all ingredients will have time to mingle together. Allowing it to chill for 20-24 hours makes this happen. Wrap it in a tight plastic to keep the dough from drying out.

Also doing this gives you crunchy cookies with goocy inside. Remember don’t over crowd your sheets why baking to avoid bizarrely shaped cookies.

Knowing and practicing this why baking your cookies will help you a lot and see the different in your cookies.

Enjoy your Cookies 😍🤩Any question or contribution let us know in the comment section

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